Brightway (Versions, Compatibility, etc.)#


This version of the documentation is for older releases of Brightway (legacy or brightway2). It includes only those pages which are relevant to the legacy releases. To access the complete documentation, please switch the the latest version. The legacy releases supports the popular Activity Browser user interface, but do not have the latest features of Brightway. You can learn more about the different versions of Brightway here.

Brightway Versions and Compatibility#

Brightway2 vs. Brightway25#

Brightway 2.5 is the next generation of the Brightway2 framework for life cycle assessment. It provides new capabilities for cloud computing and model interaction, with the use of a new processed data library and a separation between the calculation library and a library for matrix construction and manipulation.

– from the Brightway 2.5 repository readme file

Brightway 2.5 is the next step on the way to the next version of Brightway, as detailed in the Brightway Strategic Development Plan. In practice, this means that the meta-packages brightway-lca/brightway2 and brightway-lca/brightway25 will install different versions of the Brightway packages. For instance:


Brightway 2 version

Brightway 2.5 version


< 0.10.99

>= 0.11.1


< 1.8.1

>= 2.0.dev5


< 3.99

>= 4.0.dev11


< 0.8.9

>= 0.9.dev6

This is specified in the respective files: Brightway2 packages and Brightway2.5 packages.