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  1. A working installation of Conda

  2. Basic knowledge of Conda environments

  3. Basic knowledge of the difference between brightway, brightway2 and brightway25

Upgrading from Version 1#

Upgrading from version 1 requires a full export of your data objects, and reimporting them after upgrading the software.

  1. First export your databases and methods into Brightway packages:

from bw2data import *
from import BW2Package

for index, name in enumerate(databases):
    BW2Package.export_obj(Database(name), "db-{}".format(index), "upgrade")

for index, name in enumerate(methods):
    BW2Package.export_obj(Method(name), "lcia-{}".format(index), "upgrade")

# Add in any other objects you want to export here

# Might have to remove parenthese around print statement
print("Your exported objects are here:", config.request_dir("upgrade"))
  1. Upgrade your software following the installation guide.

  2. Each data directory would now be a new project. You can import the objects you exported earlier like this:

from brightway2 import *
import os

preferences['allow incomplete imports'] = True

filepath = "path that was printed earlier in section 1"
projects.current = "name of this project"

for filename in sorted(os.listdir(filepath)):
    BW2Package.import_file(os.path.join(filepath, filename))

You will need to do this for each data directory you want to upgrade.

Upgrading from Version 2#


<project_name> is the name of the project you want to upgrade. You can find the name of your project by running bw2data.projects.current.

from bw2data import *