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Ecoinvent Database#


Which Ecoinvent file should I download?#

Ecoinvent makes several versions of each system model available. For instance:

ecoinvent 3.3_xxx_ecoSpold02.7z
ecoinvent 3.3_xxx_lci_ecoSpold02.7z
ecoinvent 3.3_xxx_lcia_ecoSpold02.7z
ecoinvent 3.3_xxx_lcia-cumulated-matrices_xls.7z
ecoinvent 3.3_xxx_lci-cumulated-matrices_xls.7z

You want to download and import ecoinvent 3.3_xxx_ecoSpold02.7z. If your import process is taking a long time or a lot of memory, double check to make sure you have the right version.

Unmatched exchanged when importing Ecoinvent#

Trying to import Ecoinvent 3.8 with bw2io like so


<path_to_ecoinvent> is the path to your Ecoinvent data directory.

import bw2io
import bw2data

importer_ei38 = bw2io.SingleOutputEcospold2Importer(
    dirpath = <path_to_ecoinvent>,
    db_name = 'ei38'

might leave you with many unlinked exchanges:

19565 datasets
629959 exchanges
388452 unlinked exchanges
  Type biosphere: 1018 unique unlinked exchanges

Unfortunately, the latest version of bw2io can not import older versions of Ecoinvent. Currently, you have to use:

Ecoinvent version

bw2io version





Why are activity dataset keys so confusing?#

('ecoinvent 2.2', '5bbf...') seems insane!

It is insane, in the sense that it doesn’t make any sense at all to people. Rather, 5bbf2e66f2d75d60726974ac44ab4225 is a computer-generated unique ID. The basic problem is that we need one unique ID for an activity dataset, but there is no ID provided in the ecospold 1 data format. Instead, an activity is uniquely identified by its name, location, category, subcategory, unit, and whether or not it is an infrastructure process! 5bbf2e66f2d75d60726974ac44ab4225 is just an easy way of representing all this information in one string. It is a pain, but there is no good way around it.

Unfortunately, ecospold 2 (the data format used in ecoinvent 3) isn’t more approachable - keys will now look like ('ecoinvent 3', 'fff06f42-6c5f-4aea-b695-93bcaba55fed'). Sorry. At least this time it is ecoinvent generating the unique ID, and not Brightway2.