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Base class for format-specific importers.

class bw2io.importers.simapro_csv.SimaProCSVImporter(filepath, name=None, delimiter=';', encoding='latin-1', normalize_biosphere=True, biosphere_db=None, extractor=SimaProCSVExtractor)[source]#

Bases: bw2io.importers.base_lci.LCIImporter

Inheritance diagram of bw2io.importers.simapro_csv.SimaProCSVImporter

Base class for format-specific importers.

Defines workflow for applying strategies.

Takes a database name (string) as initialization parameter.

Initialize the ImportBase object.


*args :

Variable length argument list.

**kwargs :

Arbitrary keyword arguments.


NotImplemented :

This class should be subclassed.

format = 'SimaPro CSV'[source]#
write_database(data=None, name=None, *args, **kwargs)[source]#

Write data to a Database.

All arguments are optional, and are normally not specified.

delete_existing effects both the existing database (it will be emptied prior to writing if True, which is the default), and, if activate_parameters is True, existing database and activity parameters. Database parameters will only be deleted if the import data specifies a new set of database parameters (i.e. database_parameters is not None) - the same is true for activity parameters. If you need finer-grained control, please use the DatabaseParameter, etc. objects directly.

  • data (dict, optional): The data to write to the Database. Default is

  • delete_existing (bool, default True): See above.

  • activate_parameters (bool, default False). Instead of storing parameters in Activity and other proxy objects, create ActivityParameter and other parameter objects, and evaluate all variables and formulas.

  • backend (string, optional): Storage backend to use when creating Database. Default is the default backend.


Database instance.