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Source code for bw2data.database

from . import databases
from .data_store import ProcessedDataStore

[docs] def DatabaseChooser(name: str, backend: str = "sqlite") -> ProcessedDataStore: """A method that returns a database class instance. Database types are specified in `databases[database_name]['backend']`. """ from .subclass_mapping import DATABASE_BACKEND_MAPPING if name in databases: backend = databases[name].get("backend") or backend if not backend or not isinstance(backend, str): raise ValueError( f"Invalid value for backend: '{backend}'. Must be a string in " + "`bw2data.database.DATABASE_BACKEND_MAPPING`" ) try: return DATABASE_BACKEND_MAPPING[backend](name) except KeyError as exc: raise KeyError(f"Backend {backend} not found") from exc
# Backwards compatibility
[docs] Database = DatabaseChooser